imageRaven Lakins has been practicing earth-based spirituality most of her life, a natural calling arising through her.  A deepening of this calling came to her during her time living in Southern California, where she met with her first physical teachers during an event honoring indigenous ways.  Valerie Wolf and Lawrie Haart, of the Nez Pierce tradition, helped introduce and hone her interests in Dreamtending, as well as introducing her to the practice of Medicine Walks, Shamanic Journeying, divination and the Empath perspective.  Through her work with these teachers, she also was honored to study with Deena Metzger and Michael Ortiz-Hill, two powerful beings carrying the teachings of Augustine Kandemwa, an indigenous Shona healer from Zimbabwe.

Raven holds a bachelors degree in Therapeutic Recreation and a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and is working on furthering her graduate studies in Jungian and Depth Psychology.  She has been ordained as a minister with several organizations, and has offered workshops and ceremonial dance performances in service of these organizations.

Raven is passionate about exploring Expressive Arts, Shadow Work, Projections, Identity/Purpose/Body issues, Ancestral/Inherited Family Trauma, Empath and HSP challenges, nature-based healing techniques, spiritual emergence and rites of passage. She currently offers Transpersonal Tarot Readings.  Upon receiving your query, she will channel a personal reading via email, with the option to process the results via Skype video session post-delivery.

In addition to supporting others in this way, she delights in operating a creative project titled “Shot of Love,” a hand-built gypsy caravan serving Turkish coffee, tarot and rune readings, and various handmade crafts she enjoys spending her free time creating.

Raven looks forward to meeting, working with, and creating deeply nourishing transformation with you.  Contact her for a free Transpersonal Tarot mini-reading to see if working together is aligned for you.  Be sure to leave your contact email in the body of your message to ensure we have the correct address to reach you!